Про Genesis

By partnering with preeminent entrepreneurs in Ukraine, we create leading global technologies that empower and enrich the lives of millions.
Genesis’ global technology reach includes operations in North America and Europe as well as expansion into emerging markets within Asia and Africa.
Genesis leverages extensive experience in developing high loaded platforms and utilizes adept knowledge in user acquisition to host over 150 million unique visitors per month on projects worldwide.

Working with our team

We employ dedicated professionals.

The Genesis family is a leading technology team in Eastern Europe. We combine unique expertise, determined persistence, and solution-centered development delivering superior products, rapid user acquisition, and long term user retention.

Only the most experienced individuals with mastery in their field that meet our strict and elevated level of standards join the Genesis team.

Typically, our recruiters consider over twenty candidates for an open position. If selected, an applicant attends an in-depth interview and will complete a comprehensive test. Using this rigorous hiring process are we able to identify and employ top performers. We select only those who have proven experience, demonstrate creativity, and display the ability to impart ingenuity in a team environment to contribute to innovative projects.

СЕО, Genesis
Vladimir Mnogoletniy
"80% of the manager's talent and company success does not come from "personnel motivation", "clear tasks being set", "business model", etc, but from a manager's ability to put a strong team together".


The most important in Genesis is our team!

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