Про Genesis

Partnership with outstanding entrepreneurs from Ukraine, we develop high-tech companies that change the lives of millions of people around the world.
Genesis is an international IT company, which operates in fast-growing markets within Africa and Asia. We also operate in already developed markets in the USA and Europe.
More than 150 million unique users visit our projects monthly. Genesis has extensive experience in creating high-loaded projects, as well as huge expertise in product development, analytics, users acquisition and retention.

Working in our team

We employ only the best.

We set very high standards for those who join our Genesis family.

On average, 20 applicants are considered for each vacancy.

All prospective applicants then go through a host interviews, before they are given a challenging test to write. It’s thanks to this stringent process that we manage to employ only the best candidates. In doing so, we also employ people who are experts in a field, who can pass their knowledge on to each other, thus creating exciting and unique projects.

The Genesis team is one of the best high-tech teams in Eastern Europe. We possess unique expertise in product development, analytics, users’ acquisition and retention.

СЕО, Genesis
Vladimir Mnogoletniy
"80% of the manager's talent and company success does not come from "personnel motivation", "clear tasks being set", "business model", etc, but from a manager's ability to put a strong team together".


The most important in Genesis is our team!

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