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One of the fastest growing IT businesses in Ukraine.

Genesis is a full-service international IT company. More than 1,500 people in seven countries create products for more than 200 million people. We are one of the largest partners of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon (web services) in Eastern Europe.

Genesis exclusively develops its products and does not provide outsourcing or service business. Our seven products are among the top ten applications in markets with a combined audience of over 650 million people. We are the largest mobile app developer for Apple in Ukraine.

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People are the most valuable resource in any company. The business growth, as well as development, depends on them. Therefore we are committed to building a strong and ambitious team. Each of our specialists is a high-profile professional whom we value a lot and whose self-improvement is encouraged and supported by us daily.

  • autonomy and responsibility
  • striving for constant growth and learning
  • self-motivation
  • empathy
  • a positive outlook on the world


Together with prominent Ukrainian entrepreneurs, we build high-tech products that change the lives of millions of people around the world.

We believe that the best products are created by determined people who seek to fulfill their potential and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

We are not afraid of setting the high bar. Hard work and curiosity allow any member of our team to accomplish the most incredible goals. We are not afraid to set a high bar.



During the decade of the company's history, we have highlighted the core values we look for in potential members of our team. By focusing on them, we choose our colleagues and define the company's direction.

  • Getting things done
  • High bar for talent
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Move fast
  • Never surrender

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