Our people

What are we looking for in our ideal employee at Genesis? What criteria do we use when deciding who to invest in and whom to develop?

We believe that if you are passionate about something, be it sports, business, your career or studies, you will spend your life doing something productive and trying to be your best at it. Almost everyone from Genesis’ top management grew inside the company. On average, most of our employees started managing projects and directions when they were 22-27 years old. At Genesis, we try to offer growth opportunities, as well as give responsibility, to the people who share our values.

  • Getting things done, independently and responsibly
    We look for people who know how to take responsibility and implement projects from start to finish. Genesis is on the hunt for the kind of people who understand the difference between the process and the result, and who can function independently and responsibly.
  • Continuous growth and learning
    We look for people who develop and better themselves every day. We want people who understand that in a few years, their acquired knowledge may be obsolete, and as a result, will push them to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends globally.
  • We thrive on positive attitude
    Genesis looks for people who are positive about their work and the world around them. Usually, we do not deal with indifferent people, or those who are out to make work life difficult for others (even if they are highly professional).
  • We want self-motivated people
    At Genesis, we believe that motivation is self-created. We know and understand that people are motivated for various personal reasons. These are the kinds of people we want in the Genesis family. We look for people with a high level of motivation and desire to act, not just in their personal lives, but also in their professional lives.
  • Recognising and developing talent is key to success
    We look for the most talented people for our projects. We want people who take great pride in their work and personal lives. Our ability as a company to find, recognise and motivate talented people has created unique conditions for our employees to work and thrive in.

Head of Growth and Development Natalia Oleynik

"Genesis isn’t just a company, but a special culture. We value the people who achieve results and give them maximum freedom and resources".


IT is the most highly dynamic and fast-growing industry in the history of mankind. When working at an IT company, a person competes daily with dozens of teams from New York to Shanghai.

At Genesis, we provide unique opportunities. We allocate exceptional resources for the development of our employees, which include:

  • Free English courses for people of all levels;
  • We have Conversations on Fridays with internal or external IT experts from all over the world (half of the Ukrainian IT community visited us);
  • Our corporate library features the best business literature, books on personal development, videos of important meetings and free books for training in electronic format;
  • We also conduct vertical meetings between projects to share experiences;
  • We offer assistance to junior employees via a senior employee (for example, if you are just starting to work with Facebook ads, we will  have an experienced professional help you and answer all of your questions);
  • Genesis CEO Vladimir Mnogoletniy writes and informative and educational blog on building and managing a business;
  • We offer training sessions and seminars within the company;
  • We also participate in key events in the IT industry worldwide;
  • External relevant courses are available upon specific requests

Health care

At Genesis, we have a corporate doctor who helps our employees. If you are a Genesis employee, you can get a medical referral not only in case of the common cold, but also in case, for example, of sports injuries. Our corporate doctor will be happy to con
We offer our employees vaccination against influenza once a year, using the best French vaccine. Employees are not forced to take the vaccination, but do so voluntarily. The company pays for vaccinations.
Every day, our employees are served free breakfast and lunch. In addition, there are always fresh fruits, vegetables, many kinds of tea, coffee, vending machines with snacks, cookies, and much more available to our employees.
There are many other office benefits that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, a year ago we installed an expensive ventilation and air conditioning system that keeps the minimum possible concentration of CO2 in the air.
The office has also gone green and keeps various plants, which are taken care of by a special team. Our offices also have a system that makes sure the winter indoor humidity level is just right at all times.

Sport and Leisure

We’re not just a brainy bunch, but we also have athletes working for us! There are triathletes among us, who regularly participate in the Race of the Nation and cross-country marathons.

Our employees can stay fit and healthy thanks to our running and jogging lessons. We also have a soccer and a basketball team, who are coached by professional coaches. There are tennis tables, treadmills, a crossbar for pull-ups / abs exercises, dumbbells, two PlayStation consoles, and a shower in our offices. On top of that, we also offer corporate discounts at the nearest gyms for our employees.

Team events are linked with central sports activities. Events like these make good memories and keep participants invested in Genesis. To keep moral at an all time high, we hold various themed parties, board game championships and we also play the famous What? Where? When? Game. It has been found that project teambuilding directly affects work results and job satisfaction. Teams from the most successful projects were flown to Spain, Egypt, and many other countries. We even host family days for our employees’ children.