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Product IT company

We are one of the best IT employers in Ukraine, according to the ranking by DOU.

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Genesis Team

Life at Genesis

Be among the best

You are the average of five people you spend the most time with.

Genesis brought together one of the most brilliant teams in Central and Eastern Europe. We have everything it takes to roll out winning products for users worldwide.

For this very reason,
Genesis employs the brightest
of minds and builds successful
projects together with them.




million monthly
active users

6 offices

around the world

Our ecosystem of business
consists of more than
15 companies

A place of power

  • Move fast
  • Take the risk
  • Experiment
  • Be among the best
  • Reach out
  • Never surrender
  • Go to your goal
  • Be among the best

Every day Genesis
improves the lives of dozens
of millions worldwide.

We are convinced that the best products are created by mission-oriented people who both seek to fulfill their potential and enjoy their work

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We were recognized as the best
IT-employer in Ukraine
by DOU in the category
800 - 1500 employees