Dmitriy Smirnov
Dmitriy Smirnov
CEO & Co-founder
Artur Markarian
Artur Markarian
COO & Co-founder

AmoMedia is one of the largest publishers of meaningful and engaging content for women in over fifteen countries in four languages. Key focus is on female audience in USA, Canada, EU and Latin America.

EMEA featured AmoMama as a key partner of Facebook Audience Network in 2018.

21 mln
followers in
Facebook groups
45+ mln pageviews per month
550+ mln
users reach
per month
225+ mln
video views
per month
Victoriia Repa
Victoriia Repa
CEO & CO-Founder

BetterMe is a technology ecosystem consisting of six applications that alleviate major pain users encounter in health and fitness (e.g. weight loss, nutrition, sleep and anxiety). BetterMe serves “entry-level users” empowering them to ease into the fitness world in order to experience healthier and happier lives.

20 mln
completed workouts
320 k
average rating
of apps
Den Golotyuk
Den Golotyuk
CEO & Co-founder

IO Technologies is one of the leading data providers for digital media and e-commerce teams globally. IO owns a technology solving the major corporate problem of utilizing data without maintaining costly infrastructure and engineers. IO helps people on the team use data for decision making on a daily.

IO’s technology automatically integrates data from thirty sources and sends relevant information to corresponding people on the team through more than ten different channels.

employees using
IO daily
team members
using IO for
decision making
400 mln monthly audience
big media and e-commerce
clients around the world
Daily processed
data by IO